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3M Library Systems Tattler Newsletter
Issue 14 May 2010

3M Tattle-Tape Application System Model 611

Reserve a 3M™ Tattle-Tape™ Application System Model 611

Reserve a 611 for your library today. It’s the quickest way to install a 3M™ Tattle-Tape™ Strip, freeing time for you staff to do other things at your library. More...



How do you find an RFID System with a reasonable ROI? Ask a librarian.

RFID isn’t just a purchase. It’s an investment. Hear what libraries with 3M™ RFID Systems have to say about the performance characteristics that define ROI—including smooth conversion, high rates of self-service, and improvements in staff productivity. More...


Live Oak Libraries in Savannah Improve Productivity with Automated Materials Handling System

Savannah libraries improve productivity with technology.

Due to increasing circulation and growing popularity, the Live Oak Libraries in Savannah, Georgia, had an urgent need: to improve productivity without adding to the staff. The answer to their problem? 3M’s Automated Materials Handling System. More...


Great Expectations... from an RFID Tag

3M RFID Tags—strength under fire.

We know not all RFID Tags are created equal, but we never expected ours to survive a fire that destroyed the book it was attached to! More...


Seeking Participants for Committee to Define 3.0 Release of Standard Interchange Protocol

Seeking participants for Standard Interchange Protocol Committee.

3M will be leading the development and release of a 3.0 version of SIP. This will provide the protocol for meeting library’s interoperability needs. You can help define this protocol. Here's how...


3M Asset and Inventory Tracking System

Keep track of more than your circulating materials.

Now you can manage the most valuable assets at your company—including IT components and equipment—with the new 3M™ Asset and Inventory Tracking System. By tracking, locating and managing critical inventory and assets, it’s the ideal way to streamline your business operations. More...


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