3M SelfCheck Systems

Optimizing Circulation for Over 20 Years

3M SelfCheck Systems improve efficiency and let you focus your time on other tasks. Our full line of SelfCheck products fit any library size and budget.

SelfCheck Products

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Same fast, friendly interface. New look. Amazing features.

Designed for everyone.

Mimics mobile interfaces with audible, visual, touch and text features.

Self-service that’s a snap.

Streamlined features require fewer steps and less support for faster service.

Self-explanatory support.

Friendly animations provide support that's easy for patrons to understand.

Sleek, familiar design.

The modern design is similar to the mobile and tablet interfaces that patrons use every day.

Simple to read.

Patrons can increase the font size and choose a different language on any screen using the menu bar.

Quick and easy.

Audio and visual cues are proven through Human Factors Science to help guide patrons through a streamlined checkout process.

Help on every screen.

Assistance is available on the menu bar at any time, along with animations that provide visual instruction.